Where have all those compulsive, "old-fashioned" proofreaders gone? You know, the ones who catch the pesky grammatical errors, who know how to weed out unending commas and delete errant apostrophes, who understand how and where to use hyphens, who pounce on messy line breaks. Sadly, we have become an endangered species -- proofreaders and editors so immersed in our profession that we can't control ourselves. We compulsively proofread menus, TV commercials and ads that appear in our mailbox. I am just such an anachronism and proud of it! I love proofreading -- the more detailed the better -- and I would appreciate the opportunity to do work for you.

I have over thirty years of experience as a proofreader/copy editor. I am experienced in editing and proofreading all types of copy including magazines, advertising, newsletters, annual reports, catalogs, etc. I have worked on a number of projects requiring exceptionally careful screening for both errors and inconsistencies, including Gourmet and Audubon magazines, several cookbooks, and many annual reports for such companies as Kodak, IBM and Xerox.